August 30, 2010

Lorengau locations

I visited Lorengau town and the place is as nice as ever. Apart from the existing stores, a few new stores (mostly Chinese operated) had set up in town. I must admit they had many things such as torches, mobile phones, files etc..these little things that many manusians need, were in huge supply.
Anyway, the town was a bit sleepy....not too many people in town and i enjoyed it that way. I uploaded some photos of this small town and some of more famous icons.

The Provincial Government headquarters.

I think this signboard in front of the provincial office has to be repainted.

The new City Pharmacy shop next to the Post Office.

Manus vocational centre at Ward six

One of the many PMVs running on Lorengau roads. This bus belongs to Lucas Kanath.

The new Court house at the back of the Post Office.

MV. Tawi at anchor next to Rara Island.

Wara Lorengau...looking inland.

The Catholic Mission centre at ward five.

The Lorengau Market's 'brus' (tobacco leaf) section.

Entering the Lorengau market from the Papindo end.

I enjoyed eating mumu tapiok and fish from the markets. See you all next time in Lorengau.


Wikeds said...

Thanks Kings. Nice to see how PNG looks like.

King said...

Thanks Sach for your comments.

Yes these are just some pictures of just a few places in my local town. It is a small town, maybe the smallest compared to the other towns in the country. Its good but most shop items and fuel are quite expensive as they get shipped in from the mainland of PNG.