Monday, January 28, 2013

Work begins

It took me 28 days to write my first post for 2013...wohoooh! ok yeah it sounds kind of lame to celebrate but dont you think its fun to be celebrating the start of ta new working year. But hey, this only comes once in my life so maybe i should be celebrating with a wild 'woohoo'.
Anyway, i filled in the Commencement Form but later found out that I had to fill out the 'Resumption Form'. The forms did look almost axactly alike....blah, blah. Well its all done and its now time to really get stuck into it. Im already getting my two units with HM, 1 unit with CA and then a two week intensive course with James Cook University. Its going to be hectic but at least I done all my units in the past two years. Its all good.
See you all!

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