Monday, September 3, 2012

If I can do it, you can do it too: Mr Lala

The Acting Assistant Secretary –European Union (EU) / United Nation (UN) Branch in the Department of National Planning and Monitoring Papua New Guinea, Mr. Floyd Lala,  encouraged Health Management students to fully take part in their learning and make the best use of their time in Divine Word University.
Mr. Lala, a former Health Management student, who now works in Port Moresby, has encouraged the current crop of Health Management students for 2012 to not only make good use of their time here but to excel in community activities as well.
He said: “Apart from you academic activities, there are community events and processes such as the DWU cultural show, provincial nights, Students Representative Council, ecumenical church activities and many others are places where you can develop yourself better in leadership, communication, ethics,  spiritual growth and the ‘Diwai Spirit’.
“Many of the things you learn here in your classes are relevant and worthwhile in the workplace and are often seen by your future employers as valuable skills’.
He further said: “Nearly six years on and I’m glad to say I’m a graduate of Health Management at DWU. The subjects I learnt, the facilities I used and the culture that I was groomed at DWU, enabled me to find my place in the PNG workforce. 
"Health Management is a unique course in PNG and DWU is the only tertiary institution that is providing a tailored course to those who want professional training in management of public and private health organizations in this country. It provides a mix of business management, accounting, healthy policy, project planning and design and administration of health facilities and projects - these are right ingredients that have helped me to be a better manager of health services, policy and even organizational behavior.
“Of course, I did what many of you are doing now, that is enjoying the freedom, being away from the parents and guardians. But at the back of my mind, I always knew what my PRIORITY was and that was to get the best education that DWU has to offer. I made it my business to fore go some things which irritated some of my best friends”.
He said that he had traveled the world from Europe to Asia and to America and pointed out to the students they too would follow what he had done and even go further more.
He said: “I believe in you and know that it is not impossible to achieve your aspirations. If I can do it, you too can do it”
Many of the Health Management students who were present welcomed his comments and expressed their desire to hear more from former students as these former students’ journey after DWU would inspire and motive the current students to do well in their academic studies.
Mr. Lala also provided nine boxes of pizza after his talk and shared it to all the students present.  
Mr. Lala talking to the HM students in one of the HM classrooms.
Mr. Lala with the HM students after the talk

Mr. Lala provides some advice about career opportunities to students after his talk
Yaaay! Its pizza time!
The HM students after the talk

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