Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I had a good laugh today

The second semester has started and everybody is gearing up to begin school for another 15 weeks. I was so busy writing up the unit outlines and dropped by the library to scan a news article for my students. I saw the 'Wantok' newspaper (PNG's only tokpisin newspaper) on the librarians desk and had a look through.
In that quiet room in the library, I laughed so loud and disturbed everybody when I read the 'komik' for Toro and Biabia....
Biabia and his supposed 'lus wait' strategy

A radio announcer plays songs from UB40, Elton John and Micheal Bolton and translates the song titles into 'tok pisin'

Thankyou to the staff and Wantok Newspaper for continuing this local characters and their everyday situations...I still love these 'komiks'.

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