Saturday, December 3, 2011

Automatic reply from student emails

What a year it has been! It wasnt the best but hey it wasnt the worst either. There were some things that made the dull days much better. One of these things was 'automatic replys'. Sometimes, when i send emails to students I immediately receive thier automatic reply message that is programed in their email system. While most are formal and straight forward, some are just plain hilarious. Here are some of the auto replies that i got this year:

  • your message has reached its destination. THIS JOURNO WILL ATTEND TO IT WHEN VIEWED. thank you ,YAWO as in bye.

  • Hey thanks alot for the message n guess what you the best n will always remain the best......

  • Thanks buddy relaxing hey!...Unavailable @ this instant but will read up ASAP!...Geeeee..,..!

  • Please Call Me!!!

  • Oh its you again! Dont worry I'll get back to you pronto.

  • Is somewhere on campus doing something very important so will get back to you asap

  • Thanks for the email. Much luv!

  • Iam currently unavailable so i will come to you right on the line later!

  • If I do not respond to this email in the next hour, that means Iam on a news hunting trip...I'll get back to you asap!

I hope i can get to some original and innovative one liners next year!

See you then....

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