Thursday, October 6, 2011

A visit to Globe Manufacturing factory in Madang

Globe Manufacturing Limited is a part of the WR Carpenters (PNG) Group of Business which is one of PNG's largest employers.
I was very priviledged to have a look around the company's production line and packing section at Globe Manufacturing's factory in Madang. I went along with first year Communication Arts students and their lectuer to have a look at what they acturaly do to make thier well known products such as Sita Corned Beef, Globe Cooking Oil, Globe Curry Chicken and many other popular products.

The company's tobacco smoking zone for employees

Br. Micheal introduces to our tour guides..

Part of the CA1 group

Uncooked meat that is imported from Australia is grinded and then sent to a cooker

Globe Corned Beef tins ready for the production line

A stack of tins

Unused or faulty cooking oil plastics stored in this container

The plastic bottles being labelled on one side before they go in for filling

Tins already sealed, lablled and then prepared for packing

the tins again...

Earlier in September, Globe Manufauring took over the Coconut Oil Production Madang Limited (COPM).