Friday, September 16, 2011

16th September 2011

Do you remember where you were and what you did on September 16 last year? What about the year before? An the year before that? The 16th of September is a very special day for Papua New Guinean. Each year, September 16 marks our country most important calendar day - Independence - a very important day for Papua New Guineans and individuals, social networks, families, clubs, schools and many other groups get together to celebrate this memorable day. I could go on and on how why it is important for us to celebrate.....but i wont. Today Iam putting up pictures of my celebration this year - 2011. The Health management Department here in the DWU main campus took time out to celebrate this day with a combined staff and student ’Independence meal’ or a get together meal or as we say it in Pidgin, a 'bung kaikai'
I was sitting there in the shade of the gum tree next to the classroom when the the Head of the Health Management Department, Ms. Margaret Samei to ld the group of staff and famlies and students that the idea to have this celebration was to remember the day we became a sovereign nation and to not forget that we are a free nation of over 800 language groups guided by one constitution that encourages freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and the right to come to school and be educated among many good things that many other countries around the world do not have. She said that despite many difficult struggles that a lot of Papua New Guineans face, we could also be thankful for many things that we often take for granted. At the same time, at this small meal, the HM Department also took time out to acknowledge and farewell the year four students. I think it is an achivement itself to start a program and keep at it over a four year period then come out off it on top. Now with just a few days before to go, they are content but know in their hearts that they will miss their friends terribly. I guess it is just one phase of life that students go through from being a student to working in the field. I, too, did feel the same thing many years ago.
The HOD said: “ These 24 young men and women have just a few weeks to go before they move on onto the PNG workforce. “The have been here for four years and have learnt a lot both in theory and in practice. “I wish them all the best and encourage them to never forget the good values they have learnt in Health Management and Divine Word University. The HM Department also said farewell to one of our more influential lectures Mr. Albert Sika who left the HM Department earlier this year to join the Modilon Hospital as the Director of Corporate Services. After all the short speechs and a gift and poem reading by the second years to farewell Mr. Sika, Mr. Ambang prayed for the day and also blessed the meal.
The food was really good, the cake was beautiful anf i jsut loved the happy smiling faces of the students.
Mr. Peter Sion who organized the event said that he was pleased the students responded well with the idea. He hoped that this event would become a tradition and help the students and academics staff feel part of the DWU community and work towards a common good for PNG. Well em tasol and I hope we get to celebrate this day again next year!

Below are the pictures on that day!

Planti piksa tumas na hard tru long putim olgeta go antap long hia...

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dmonai said...

I hardly remember a moment in DWU when students are marginalized or being regional in any day of the year. I thank God for this lovely study environment where im not my own but part of the great DWU student and staff community.

Congratulations to HMs for harnessing the spirit of Independence.

May the Lord of all wisdom inspire you for the better tomorrow.