Friday, July 29, 2011

A Reason

Sometimes, things in life do not fall in the places where I want them to fall. I guess that is the way it is. There are some things I can control but sometimes I just cannot seem to have a grasp on it. Be it petty things like walking in the rain or wearing a wrinkled shirt; things that put my day into a bad mood. Other things like paying for school fees or taking care of family are activities that demand more of me and sometimes causes me to stress over it.
But whatever they may be, they always, and i say always...become pale in comparision to the sight of my daughter. When i come home each afternoon, her face is the one i want to see. She is the world to me. She is ten months old and is the brightest spark in my life. When i have very difficult days and everything seems to be a blur, her smile just makes me want to hug and kiss her till her skin is red all over...hahahha. She is developing quickly physically and each day she is learning about new things - shapes, colour, taste and hearing. I hope she starts speaking soon, takes her first steps and can call my name. I know it wont be too long now.

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