Thursday, June 9, 2011

Microsoft Access Database Design for NGOs

For everyone who works with a non-governmental organisation, faithbased organisation or community based orgnisation in PNG, this four day workshop on creating simple electronic databases is one huge key building block for the organisation's project sustainability, future funding and resource management.

Their information brochure reads:

This dynamic four day workshop run by Divine Word University is intended for people working with Non-Governmental Organizations in Papua New Guinea.

It aims to help organizations gain the capacity to create and manage their own electronic databases. Examples of how this skill could be useful include:
• Keeping records of clients who come to a NGO clinic. Their personal details like age, weight,
medications, residential area etc can be kept and be easily retrieved by a single push of a
button. This saves time and money spent keeping manual records
• Keeping records of types of publications distributed by the NGO. Names of organizations
that received your publications in bulk, locations of distribution points, numbers of publications
distributed etc can be kept to monitor usage and justification for future projects.
• If your organization already has a small database created, the information kept such as:
how many people visit your organization for help or for services etc could be easily turned
into statistics thus reproduced into professional reports such as Annual Activity Plans or
Project Reports.

Although less extensive, this four day course offers a budget-priced educational experience designed to help stimulate your creative mind. This hands-on workshop will provide you with effective new ways to extend Access 2007 in creating electronic databases.

The workshop will provide participants with illustrative examples, notes, and sample annotated Access files, as well as suggestions for ways to adapt the techniques to your own needs. Particpants will utilise Microsoft Access 2007 to create these databases.

You will learn how to exploit Access storing and retrievingcapabilities using SQL to retrieve informationin Queries, Tables, Forms and Reports.
Your electronicdatabases can be a tool you can use to storecommunity project information and other vital datathat would become beneficial to your Organizationand your partners. Such features will include:• Data tables• Queries• SQL parameters• Interactive Forms• Reports.
This workshop will provide participants with Access foundation and after completing this workshop, they can be able to create their organization's database system. Participate who wish to gain further training on how to maintain their database system can attend the nextworkshop which is a special workshop in advanced Access later on in the year.
Note: One of the requirements of this course is that participantsmust have strong background in the use ofcomputers especially the use of Microsoft office.

Cost for this workshop
Participant cost: Cost: K 450.00 per head

Cost will cover:
• Duration of the workshop
• Use of computer facilities
• Lunch at the staff mess

Cost will not cover:
• Accommodation
• Travel
• Additional meals

Location for the four day Workshop is at the Divine Word University Campus in Madang Province.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Thadreina Abady on
Phone: (675) 422 2937
Direct Line: (675) 424 1882
Fax: (675) 422 2812