Friday, May 20, 2011

Media matters

I was really happy this week becasue I had some very important people come talk to my students about the media in PNG.

My students, who are in the final year of their program, have a unit called "Working with the Media' and were most fortunate to hear from public affairs officers from Oil Search Limited and the Mineral Resource Authority.
The speakers—Ms. Ruth Waram and Ms. Celestine Ove from Oil Search Limited and Mr. Kenneth Avira from Mineral Resource Authority, talked about their respective organizations and their roles in these organizations especially on how they dealt with the mass media.

Even though they had come to attend the the 27th Australia-Papua New Guinea Business Forum and Trade Expo held here on campus, they took time out to come talk to the students.
The students said they were pleased to hear from people who worked in the media industry and their experiences of dealing with journalists and the different media organisations in the country. Mr Avira and Ms Waram both worked for The National and Post Courier respectively before they joined their current organizations.

Pictures above show Mr. Avira (seated), Ms. Waram speaking to students while Ms. Ove (right) taking some pictures.

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