Sunday, January 30, 2011

'Sic currite ut comprehendatis'

Sic currite ut comprehenditis has been the motto every graduate of Divine Word University keeps in mind when they think of their days in Diwai. Yes DWU has grown so rapidly in the last five years that if one who is a graduate of this school were to come back, he or she would be surprised at the developments that have taken place. Gone are the 'karanas' roads and buai markets and in its place are brick roads and a mini supermarket with ATMs.

Despite the small size of the campus, I think DWU has collectively strived to complete higher education learning with the changes in gobal technology. Buildings have also sprung up from places which were once open spaces and students given laptops for personal learning. However, one of the most important things i think most former students would agree on, is the 'Diwai Spirit' - a common bond of lifelong friendships, luksave long save pes and comraderie. Okay gees, i feel like Im writing a public relations script here so i'll stop now and put up some photos of the DWU campus in Madang now.

For those of you who have not visited the school during the last few years, here are some latest buildings and offices....

The ITS office looks after all things related to IT

Global Travel which is responsible for all airline ticketing and bookings for DWU staff and students

Diwai Post Office next to the Library

The famous pikus tree next near the library

The front of the DWU library

The new DWU school bus

The student servcies office which is now next the admin building

The front of the admin building

The road leading to the main gate. On the right side is the Library building.

The Flexible Learning Centre

The Postgraduate and Research Centre

The new Bell Tower next to the chapel

The Physiotheraphy Research and Rehabilitation centre

The new mini-mart building which also has BSP and ANZ Automatic Telemachines (ATM) outlets

The boys dorm (Feehan Hall)

The SVD Auditorium

Road leading to Mechanic workshop

The Mathematics and Computer Science building

The middle of the classrooms on a dull Sunday morning



Wickeds said...

Looks a real nice and modern uni Kings. No too different from the ones in Aus.

Jaive Smare said...

Hahaha.....have they changed the food?!!! Anyway, change is always good