Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The road less travelled

Sometimes people take a road less travelled because they believe that it is the the true way. Once they firmly believe in their heart that this road is true, they make a decision and they will never turn back.

This words ring true for a couple known as John Mula Namun and Itong 'Zipporah' Mula who decided a long time ago to follow the Lord and have never turned back. The left everything behind and came home to Liap village, a tiny village on the northern coastline of Manus Island in PNG to somehow share their newfound love. It has never been easy for them but i can say that Iam forever grateful that they are follwing this road less travelled.

The started a ministry called 'Kingdom Breakthrough Ministry International' and have been ministering to the people of the Kurti language group ever since. They have travelled to villages in Kurti such as Liap, Derimbat, Lomei, Sou-uh, Kari, Patlok, Wamandra, Pundru and to other villages in other electorates such as Burlondrau, Lowa and Pitiluh.

I recently made a video of KBMI and posted it on youtube. Here is the link below:

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