Monday, November 1, 2010

Learning about patience...

Parenting is tops…only if you have loads of patience...LOL

Im a really proud parent of a six week old girl. I love her to bits and wouldn’t trade her for zillion bucks! But I make this statement because just six weeks into having sleepless nights, im beginning to form the conclusion that if you want to be a good parent to a child, you have to be really, really patient.

Why do I say this? Well she cant talk but only feeds and sleep but if she cries, you have to figure out why. Is she hungry? Is she too hot? Is the breeze too cold? Is she too full from feeding? These and many more are things both parents have to figure out. Its is good that as we go along this journey of parenthood, you get to learn of the signs..if she is awake and too quiet, she is doing the toilet thingy; if she squirms a lot, then she may want to be washed or carried around…You have to be patient enough to go through the guess work and learn quickly what she likes best. For the past weeks, she has been keeping us awake late at night. We take turns checking on her and carrying her. You have to have patience to want to do this over a long period of at me, just six weeks into it and i think i've mastered parenthood...LOL. Im learning all this as i go along this journey too like so many others before me and many more after me...

I believe that parenting starts at birth but never ends. It is a life long relationship with someone you have brought into this world. They grow from an infant to toddler to young childhood to adolescents. In that time, you as a parent will be a central figure in their life. You will teach them what is wrong and what is right. You will teach them why certain things are so in society and how we should approach situations in life. We draw from our own experiences, social exchanges, cultures, formal education etc to form a structure of learning and discipline for them. In order to be better parent, you have to draw up all this and be patient enough to train them and to encourage them to live purposeful lives.

But here comes the most important part about parenting….you will love it! I have loved holding this fragile human being; I have loved squeezing her rosy cheeks and playful feet. I have loved it when she smiles and you can see the gums shining…hahahaha..She is definitely the best thing that has happened to me and I plan to enjoy being her father for a long time more!

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