Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Masuros

The last time i bought a CHM cassette was a 'Demas Saul' album at CHM Kokopo in 2001. The reason: well it was mostly because i missed Madang so much after completing my 2nd year at DWU Madang...

Well this afternoon, close to nine years later, i bought another CHM cassette. This time it was cassette titled ' the Masuro's ' from the Madang Christian Book Store. They had recorded under the CHM label in Port Moresby. I had listened to one of their songs called 'Hobi Hobi' two weeks ago while was inside the store. I waited until i had some coins, which was like today, and then went to buy it. It wasnt cheap at K17.00 but hey, somehow i just wanted to have that cassette. The Masuros are a family gospel group from Garaina in the hinterlands of Morobe Province and were formed in 2002.

Having just listened to it now im impressed by the Donna Masuro, the lead vocalist. The musical arrangement is simple and the vocals are outstanding. The song 'Lovely Lord' is a song I've heard a long long time ago in my high school days by an American band called 'Petra' and it was good to hear it again. The other songs 'Hamamas long haus' , ' Hearts' , ' Hokeetemi ' and ' Gates ' are simple songs but Donna's voice makes it easy on the ears. The song 'Hobi hobi' is still my favourite and is sung in Pidgin and Garaina.

If you have the chance to, please buy their cassette becasue im sure you will really enjoy listening this lovely album.

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