Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NIPs Celebrations in Madang town

Each province in Papua New Guinea sets aside a day to celebrate its heritage, culture and people and is widely known as a 'Provincial Day'. For New Irelanders, it falls on July 23 of each year. For New Irelanders living in Madang, they all congregated at the Madang International School hall and celebrated in style and colour.

Prominent persons such as Sir Arnold Amet, the Governor of Madang, Br. Andrew Simpson, the Vice President of Divine Word University and many other digitaries attended to witness the New Irelanders show their culture and songs.

I went along to see their unique dances and witness groups from Bouganville, East New Britain and Manus who were invited to showcase some of their dances too. I shot this video and hope it does justice to the many colourful dances that were on display. I really enjoyed the day!

Many thanks to those who took time out to organise this day.

See you all New Irelanders living in Madang again next year for more colourful celebrations!!!

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