Friday, July 16, 2010


What a day!

Today was graduation day....a day set aside to celebrate a academic milestone that is. For the endless nights spent in the computer labs; the lonely 3am nights staring at words that make you pull your hair out; sleeping less hours than the time it takes to order at Macdonalds; listening to lectures that seem endless; working with group members that are hard to get along with; when a cup of coffee is considered a meal; saying 'huh' instead of saying 'could you explain this again (for the third time!); when the brain seems to work better at last minute work than at earlier times in the semester...etc and all those things that i did for the past 18 months to be here today and to say 'Yes i did it'
You know as I was sitting there, all dressed up and listening to the speeches, i kind of felt a tinge of sadness that none of my family or the people i really value could here. Sometimes, the things in life you desire the most cannot happen because...because....thats just the way things are! I really didnt know what to feel. There was a sense of accomplishment and success and also a tad bit of fear too. I was happy that i had completed the course but what would happen after here? One year from now, what would i be doing? Oh well, as Jon Bon Jovi once said 'You've gotto keep the faith'
As a was muching on the spring rolls and sweet cakes for tea prepared by the Curtin International Office, i kind of let my mind wonder what the next six months would hold for me. Would i get a job? Which part of the country would i work in now? Was I employable? At the back of my head i wondered what i would be doing a year from now....who knows what he future holds. But one thing is for certain...I have had a really really good time in Perth, enjoyed the place and loved the good times with friends.

Ah yes..Friends! Friends are people that are just the same everywhere you go, they share the same passion as you, they hate the things you hate and live life pretty much the same we do. I met some wonderful people and loved their company. They were ambassadors for their country and were a lot more better than toursim ads on TV. Their friendships transcended the boundaries of culture, language, way of thinking, religion etc and knowing them helped me understand more about the world i live in.
When i said goodbye to one of the scholars from Africa, he thought aloud if we would ever meet again and to whcih i replied "we will surely meet some day through facebook or skype, but if not then see you at the good place up above"

Well, today has gone and tomorrow brings another challenge. But Friday 16 July a day that gave me a new lease on life!

Getting ready to go to the campus

In the gown

With other graudates

With the other PNG graduates and their families

Making small talk with family and friends after morning tea

Checking my wallet to see if there is any money to pay for official photographs

Finally, my very own 'graduation dinner' - a lamb kebab at the Mesapotemia Kebab in Perth City, later that night...hahahaha


SACHIRA said...

Congrats Kingston!!! Your article is as good as any speech given at graduation ceremonies anywhere in the world... Really touching. All the very best for your future endeavors...

King said...

Hahahha..thanks mate. I did really enjoy Perth, Never really bothered about school as i was too busy enjoying the sights and sounds of this wonderful city in WA. Wish i could have travelled to smaller towns and parks outside of the city more often.
Enjoyed the graduation ceremony had lots of cake...hahahaha.