Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coldest night

Oh yes it was cold alright.

The mercury dropped to 0 dregrees yesterday in the early hours of the morning. Thats right zero! And me being an island man, i swore it was the coldest ever but my housemate from Finland just laughed it off....hahaha.
Honestly i could feel the ice crunching under my feet as i walked on the grass! I guess this is the closest i'll ever get to seeing Weather reports say it was the coldest since June 2006 when it went down to -6 degrees.

This is the Unit 22 view the morning.


SACHIRA said...

Oh, I wish I were there to experience it. Hope that gas heater in the living room kept you warm :)

King said...

Its been very cold these past few days...from 2 degree to 0 degrees at the minimum! The heater has been kept on constantly at least providing some warmth throughout the house. I really really hate to be homeless on nights like this!

shezz said...

I wish I could feel that kind of weather too! Philippines is just too hot :-s

King said...

Shezz, the cold weather only happens during the winter months. Once it gets to summer (around Nov-Feb) the tempreture can go high up as 40-42 degrees celcius! So dont worry we have a fair share of hot weather too :-)