Thursday, June 24, 2010

Australia's First Woman PM

I never liked politics much.

But today is a day that will go down in Australia's history forever as the day an Australian woman became the country's first Prime Minister.

Julia Gillard became the leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister of Australia.

For me as i see it, it is political party survival. Im so sure that after Labour's sloppy dealings in Carbon Trading Scheme, the bungled Home Insulation program and the controversial New Mining Tax, the only way Labour was going to win the challenge from the Liberals Tony Abott in this years coming Genreral Electon was to change leadership! With the new leadership, policy changes are sure to follow and this will prevent political point scoring by the oppositions and save some face.
But hey, you got to give credit where its due...Kevin Rudd showed his character and dignity by standing down from the leadership. I think his move showed greater resolve towards party ideals ratehr than personal politics. I also thought that Julia Gillard is the most capable person in the Labour Party right now to be Prime Minster. I think she handled the Ministry of Education, Empoyment and Workplace Relations very well since the ministry had three distinct portfolios: Minister for Education; Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations; and Minister for Social Inclusion. Plus she executed her role as the Deputy Prime Minister role with integrity.
Oh and another thing...After staying here in Australia for a few months now, i can honestly say that Australian politicians are always in the media, mostly because of the consistant 'in your face' Australian media. There is not a day that goes by where you dont see politicians or politics being seen and heard on TV, radio, newspapers or the internet. The aspect of accountability to the people and the voters are always on the agenda and if there is something that needs investigation, the media will find out still.

Sometimes, I've noticed that politicians especially federal MPs, when they are on television interviews or on panel discussions, they are ever so alert and conduct themselves without loosing face. They know how to answer questions confidently without loosing points and they have all the figures and facts on hand. I guess their media advisors work overtime in Canberra!

You know, i wish i could say the same thing for my country - PNG. In PNG politics there is no such thing as standing down!!!!!Even if there is even an hint of corruption or downright misconduct, no MP steps down. They will fight tooth and nail just to stay in office. The MPs who hold ministries cannot even talk to the media and are often inaccessible. The only time, you see them is when there is a grand opening of a project or giving of 'sponsorship' to a project. Even then, they read from prepared statements.

Anyway, enough of PNG politics, this post is to give Julia Gillard a round of applause for being Australia's first women Prime Minister and political leader of 22 million Australians......until the General Elections later this year! Who knows, after they win the General Election, Kevin Rudd might take back the helm next year!

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