Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Its this time every year that we get to celebrate and think of the most special person in our lives -our mothers. The very people who gave carried us around for nine months, gave birth to us, then took care of us through nuturing, training, advising, helping, supporting, giving, motivating, encouraging us to become independent. As we have grown older, they have also aged with us. For some, their mother has moved on to a better place while for some, every day is one more day to cherish them. I know that when my mother moves on to that place 'up yonder', my world will come crashing down but i will know in my heart that she went to a better place.

Today, my mother is a thousand miles away. I know she must be in the village, cooking something up for Peter and Kingman and taking care of the place. Even though, people in the village dont usually remember or make significant these 'days' such as 'mother's day', I wish I could do a barbaque at our place to celebrate this day and tell her how i miss her!

This afternoon, some of the PNG students at Curtin, got togther to have a BBQ and celebrate Mother's Day with their wives and children at Burswood Park

I actually got to do some tossing and turning of meat, onions and saugages on the barbie, which was fun.

After eating and sharing stories, Willie said a few words about how mothers were precious to us and how his mother had died some years ago. I kind of felt sad at that point remembering my mum all the way there in Liap village... but it's good now.
Well to all the mothers out there and mothers to be..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY...Hope you all got treated well by your husbands and children.


多拉 said...

i'm disappointed because i tried to send my mom a photo of mine(to show her my new hair style haha) which i added many colourful hearts on thourgh cell-phone but failed...... but i did call her to say happy mother's day :)

King said...

hahaha...Good on you for calling your mom and wishing her well on Mothers Day. We should always hold our mothers close to our heart and love them dearly while they are still alive.
Dora, hope your week is a top one.