Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, today, this 4th day of March 2010, I woke up in the morning and wondered if i should have a blog page. I wanted to try out blogging some time ago but couldnt even think of what to write on it. Obviously writing hasnt been one of my strong points in expressing my ideas and thoughts and even if i did, there didnt seem to be any continuity in my stories to make it interesting. I've written some things but mostly borrowed styles from other people or tried to write a piece that was, many times, too complicated. But you know what? I believe great writing is a reflection of a persons ability to put 'things' that float around in his or her head, with no form whatsover and bring them into words. I mean how can one just pluck something out of thin air and make it into reality.Imagine people who make movies like Steven Speilberg, James Cameron, Clint Eastwood, to name a few are so good at what they do that we sometimes forget that they are masters of the art of story telling...making ideas and thoughts and pictures in their head into a script
For some of us, sometimes the english language or your mother tongue cannot express your thoughts or ideas eloquently as possible. I mean, we are limited by our current language that often cannot describe something. For example: In Death, how do you describe 'sadness', 'loss' or 'grief' when someone you know has died. These words are only a description of what you feel. You can only try to express this feelings in the vocabulary that you have. Some people cannot express 'loss' with words so they paint pictures using words, maybe in the forms of poetry, art or music but i wont go on any further. We'll leave it at that.

But what the hell, Im just going to write anything and everything on this blog concerning me and my pitiful life. . So here goes nothing!


WikedS said...
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WikedS said...

Its good to see that you have started a blog Kings. I am going to read some of those stories when there is time.
I hope you are doing good, take care, all the best with your blog!!! :)